hello. you have found alt.msx.gay, the internet's
blend of everything altenative.

we play various types of music. from indie pop to
screaming heavy metal, our music library is fairly

we tend to play music that's just about any kind
of popular. it doesn't matter if it's one of the
hottest chart-toppers or a no-name song with 5
views on youtube. if it's alternative, we'll play

we participate in the emergency alert system. sorry if an alert interrupts a song you like, we can't control that. more eas info here.

is alternative not your thing? check out our
over-the-air alternatives. there's 91.7 the river
if you like old people music, and pulse 106.9 if
you're wanting to dance.

the internet's blend of everything
Parental Advisory: Explicit Language alt.msx.gay